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Martin Steyn’s Dark Traces awarded with a Kirkus Star Review

LAPA Publishers (South Africa) and Catalyst Press (USA) are thrilled to announce that Martin Steyn’s English-fiction debut, Dark Traces, has been awarded a Kirkus Star Review.

The Kirkus Star is one of the most prestigious recognitions in the book industry, and certainly the dream of any author and publisher with dealings in the USA.

Kirkus is known for its blunt, honest reviews since 1933 and the Kirkus Prize is one of the richest literary awards in the world, with a prize of $50,000 bestowed annually to authors of fiction, nonfiction and young readers’ literature. Books that have earned the Kirkus Star are automatically nominated for the Kirkus Prize. Steyn’s book will qualify for the 2018 prize. The prize is awarded by a panel composed of respected writers and highly regarded booksellers, librarians and Kirkus critics throughout the USA.

The reviewer makes special mention of Steyn’s use of Afrikaans words like klagtebakkie and oom, with a glossary explaining these terms to a US audience.

Book details

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Jaco Jacobs se Both sides of zero se regte aan Oneworld verkoop

LAPA is baie trots om aan te kondig dat Jaco Jacobs se boek Oor ’n motorfiets, ’n zombiefliek en lang getalle wat deur elf gedeel kan word se wêreldwye Engelse regte pas verkoop is aan Oneworld, ’n uitgewery in Brittanje.

Die Engelse titel sal heet ‘Both sides of zero’. Die vertaling is deur Kobus Geldenhuys gedoen.

Vroeër vanjaar is die fliek ‘Nul is nie niks nie’ landswyd in filmteaters uitgereik. Dit is ’n verwerking van hierdie einste boek.

Oneworld is dieselfde uitgewery wat vroeër ook die regte vir Jaco se boek ’n Goeie dag vir boomklim gekoop het.

Oneworld is ook bekend daarvoor dat twee van hulle boeke reeds die Man Booker Prize gewen het.
Oor ’n motorfiets, ’n zombiefliek en lang getalle wat deur elf gedeel kan word is hier te koop.



’n Goeie dag vir boomklim

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Innie skylte vannie Jirre vir die neënde maal herdruk

Innie skylte vannie JirreInnie skylte vannie Jirre is ‘n beduidende uitbreiding van die blitsverkopertjie, Die Griekwapsalms en annerlike goeterse yt die Woord yt.

Nóg meer Bybelgedeeltes word poëties getransponeer, sodat die betekenis van die Woord in die leser opnuut ontroer en binnetoe laat dink.


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Internasionale regte van Jaco Jacobs se ’n Goeie dag vir boomklim pas verkoop

LAPA Uitgewers is trots om aan te kondig dat wêreldwye regte vir die Engelse vertaling van Jaco Jacobs se jeugboek ’n Goeie dag vir boomklim pas verkoop is.

Die Londense uitgewery Oneworld Publications het ’n aanbod gemaak om die vertaalregte te bekom nadat ’n gedeeltelike proefvertaling van Jacobs se boek as deel van die internasionale In Other Words-projek aan uitgewers beskikbaar gestel is.

Die bekroonde vertaler Kobus Geldenhuys was vir die Engelse vertaling verantwoordelik.

Uitgewers van regoor die wêreld is genooi om kinder- en jeugboeke wat in ander tale as Engels verskyn het, vir die In Other Words-projek voor te lê.

’n Goeie dag vir boomklim is een van slegs vier boeke wat uiteindelik as eretitels aangewys is.

Die keuring en beoordeling is deur ’n paneel Britse kinderboekvertalers en kenners in die kinderboekbedryf gedoen, en die vier wenboeke is op 4 April tydens ’n spoggeleentheid by die Bologna-kinderboekskou in Italië bekend gestel.

Miemie du Plessis, bestuurder van die kinder-en-jeugboekafdeling by LAPA Uitgewers, sê:

Ons is ongelooflik trots dat Oneworld – ’n uitgewery met ’n uitstekende reputasie en bekend vir sy passie – hul vertroue in LAPA en ons topverkoper-outeur Jaco Jacobs geplaas het. Ongeveer ’n miljoen kopieë van sy boeke is verkoop sedert hy as 21-jarige by LAPA begin publiseer het en hy is geliefd en gerespekteerd onder lesers sowel as die boekgemeenskap in sy geheel. Hy is ’n meesterlike storieverteller en verdien dat sy werk aan ’n groter gehoor bekend gestel word.

Jacobs sê hy is opgewonde oor die vooruitsig om sy boek aan oorsese lesers bekend te stel.

Dit is lekker om te sien hoe ’n storie waaraan jy maande lank alleen by jou lessenaar gesit en timmer het, vlerke kry. Hoewel die boek op universele temas fokus, het dit ’n baie spesifieke Suid-Afrikaanse agtergrond. Dit sal interessant wees om te sien hoe jong lesers oorsee daarop reageer.

Oneworld Publications is ’n onafhanklike uitgewery wie se boeke in 2015 sowel as in 2016 die gesogte Man Booker Prize opgeraap het. Dit is in 2016 as die British Book Awards Independent Publisher of the Year en die IPG Trade Publisher of the Year aangewys, en vanjaar het dit die IPG Diversity Award ontvang. Oneworld fokus sterk op die publikasie van diverse en oorspronklike stories van skrywers van regoor die wêreld.

Geldenhuys sal ook die vertaling van die res van die boek doen.

’n Goeie dag vir boomklim


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Sustainable gardening project launches in Atlantis with LAPA

Annie Peterson has a dream. She wants the people of Atlantis to be proud of the people Atlantis. There is so much talent; it is time to harness that talent. Her idea is to start small, sustainable projects and to let each grow organically around the existing skills in Atlantis.

Between 30 March and 1 April, 2016 the third of these projects will launch. The objective is to create sustainable gardens that will provide individuals and public institutions with food.

In conjunction with LAPA, the ATKV and the Orion Organisation, which specialises in ways to provide disabled people with work and therapy, three days of intensive training will take place. We will be training a small, selected group of individuals who will in turn train others. Reliance Compost has offered compost for the training.

Cooperation is important, because so many organisations go to Atlantis with good intentions, but without tapping into the existing knowledge residual in the community. In this case, Annie Peterson, a community leader and chairperson of the ATKV branch in Atlantis, has met with various stakeholders to ensure that the talents of Atlantis can be tapped.

The good news is that the Cape Town City Council, which overseas Atlantis as well, has already pledged to support this project. Therefore the training, which will take place from March 30 to April 1, is only the beginning of bigger things.

An invitation to the press

LAPA, the sponsor of this first phase of project, invites the press to join us in Atlantis. There is so much positive talent in Atlantis, and Atlantis is only 60km from Cape Town.

Please contact Izak de Vries if you want to drop in. A large part of the work will be done at the Orion Organisation (which is also a visit worth), but we will also be moving into the community to see what can be done with Rooikrans bushes and other invaders to the benefit of an own garden.

If you cannot make it, we can arrange interviews with the participants. Please contact Izak. He is a photographer and will be able to provide photos.

His contact details: 083 501 2170 or

LAPA’s involvement

As with the other projects in Atlantis, the existing talent will enriched by an expert who provides additional training (see “Other projects in Atlantis” below). In this case, one of LAPA’s authors, Wynand Boshoff, has offered his knowledge and experience to the residents of Atlantis.

Boshoff has a master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture Practices. His passion is to explain to ordinary people that they can grow their own food on their own piece of land.

Boshoff’s book, Groente van tuin tot tafel (Vegetables from the garden to the table), will be published by LAPA in April, the ISBN is 9780799368444.

The book provides useful information on various aspects of vegetable production, including soil fertility, fertilisers, water requirements, crop rotation and planting partners, as well as natural pest control.

The rest of the book provides tips on creating a vegetable garden that will benefit one’s lifestyle.

The author will share his knowledge between March 30 and April 1 with the people of Atlantis. He will not merely be teaching, though, Wynand will join hands with the people of Atlantis who are already working on such projects. Annie Peterson hopes that this will inspire others to begin feeding their friends, families and members of the community.

Other projects in Atlantis

This gardening project is the third to kick off and more will take place shortly. Here are more examples of Annie’s hard work.

  • Music Talent is explored and developed together with the ATKV Crescendo team; their success is already measurable when looking at the stars from Atlantis, such as Auntie Francis Brown and Daphne Arends, who are currently dazzling audiences in professional productions around the country.
  • A Reading Project’s first seeds recently were planted with the help of ATKV and LAPA.
  • The training of the Orion Organisation’s kitchen staff will take place in conjunction with The Private Hotel School, the ATKV and LAPA.
  • A Crafts Project will be launching soon. LAPA has already donated several books to accommodate the process. Atlantis is no more a lost city. The residents are poor, but the winds of change are blowing through there for the better!
* * * * *

Groente van tuin tot tafel will be available from leading retailers and direct from LAPA Publishers. Contact LAPA on 012 401 0700 or visit our website:

The author and other participants in the project are available for interviews.

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‘The world is a very beautiful place; it’s humankind that makes it ugly’ – Read an excerpt from Flesh and Blood

‘The world is a very beautiful place; it’s humankind that makes it ugly’ – Read an excerpt from Flesh and Blood


Flesh and BloodVlees en bloedLAPA has shared an excerpt from the newly released Flesh and Blood, the true story of two sisters whose day job is cleaning up crime scenes, written by award-winning freelance journalist Riette Rust, with Eileen de Jager and Roelien Schutte.

Flesh and Blood is the sequel to the bestseller Blood Sisters, which was released in 2012, and is also available in Afrikaans as Vlees en bloed.

Crime writer Martin Steyn says the book is “fascinating” and “written with great detail, compassion and humour”.

The excerpt examines the psychological toll of what the sisters experience every day.

Read the excerpt:

Extract from Flesh and Blood, Riette Rust (LAPA Publishers, 2016)

Psychopaths and narcissists have a lack of empathy. The rest of us are deeply traumatised by the things the Blood Sisters have to confront on a daily basis. Not to mention the two of them. But if you had asked Eileen three years ago whether she was suffering from post-traumatic stress, she would probably have denied it. “I think I’m in denial because I’m someone who doesn’t fall apart easily,” she confesses now. “My colleagues need me every day to help with their franchises, their planning, and their work. I can’t afford to take a week off and tell them to make do on their own.”

But at least Eileen is aware of her stress levels and tries to de-stress as far as possible – especially since her colleagues have started noticing that she’s not a hundred percent herself anymore. “Apparently I come across as being ‘cold’.” This is in stark contrast with how people would normally describe her – as a warm, caring person. “I also have a shorter fuse,” she confesses.

Roelien acknowledges that she too is exhibiting symptoms of post-traumatic stress. “I experience terrible moods and outbursts. One minute I’m fine, and the next I am storming out just to clear my head for ten minutes,” she says. “At other times I feel sorry for myself, and I think the whole world is against me.” Sometimes she gets sad or angry about it, and at other times she may even think that she’s silly to feel that way.

There are also other signs that indicate that the Blood Sisters sometimes experience high levels of stress. Although Eileen’s nightmares have decreased she still struggles to get a good night’s sleep. “For a long time now I haven’t been able to lay my head down on the pillow and sleep soundly until the next morning,” she confesses. “I usually wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I’ve heard something. Then I get up to check it out. It really irks me.”

This Blood Sister says she doesn’t want to dream that there are criminals in her house, or about a shooting, murder or suicide every night. Neither does Roelien. And she gets terrible nightmares. “I’d dream that I’m lying in a pool of blood, and can’t get up or escape. Or I’m at a scene, but I’m standing still and can’t run away. There’s always some danger approaching me, and then I fail to get away.”

In her dreams, Roelien also sees herself inside the houses where the crimes have taken place. “It’s usually dark, but I never know where to switch on the lights. I feel my way around. And I slip around in lots of blood.”

The morning after such a nightmare, she finds herself in a peculiar mood, Roelien says. “I don’t feel like doing anything. But then you have to pull yourself together again and remind yourself that it was just a dream. You simply have to put it behind you.” When she wakes up from a nightmare, there’s nothing for it but to have a glass of water.

Eileen likes to relax with a good book – particularly science fiction, or a Wilbur Smith. “I need to derail my thoughts from what I see on a daily basis – blood, pieces of brain, bones and teeth.” The more gruesome or gross the events she’s had to experience that day, the more she wants to see beautiful things afterwards, Eileen says. “My favourite search words to Google are ‘something beautiful’.”

Doesn’t this kind of work make you cynical and bitter? “Yes, getting cynical and bitter is very easy,” Eileen acknowledges. That’s why she specifically looks out for beautiful things on her way home from work every day. “The world is a very beautiful place; it’s humankind that makes it ugly.”

Roelien says she often feels as if there is no beauty left in the world – “people are doing a good job of destroying everything”. But, just like Eileen, she purposefully decides to look out for beauty. “You’ve got to be able to tell yourself: You know what? There are also positive things in the world.”

That’s not to say that the Blood Sisters don’t have lots of fun too. Roelien laughingly tells of the day she had to lean over a bucket to reach some chemicals. She continued cleaning up but the blood on the bucket rim had left and image on her overall – that of a smiley face. “A crime scene is supposed to be a serious place. It’s all about respect.”

But it doesn’t take long to be yanked back to reality again. It may be the smell in a butchery, or of a chemical substance the refrigerator in a shop has been cleaned with. That may be all it takes to transport you back to a crime scene, the Blood Sisters say. “Right there in the supermarket, you sometimes relive every bloody detail again.”

So what keeps them on their feet emotionally? “Sometimes it may not work, but we purposefully try to forget the details of the scenes. There is no other way to manage such horrors.”


No two people react to traumatic events in the same way, says registered counsellor Jacobie Müller. “In fact, only about 3% to 6% of the population suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Different people have different processing mechanisms. If you often talk to others about what you’ve seen or experienced, or cry about it, or perhaps handle the trauma with black humour, you’ll be more resilient, meaning you will be able to bounce back to normality faster than others, she says.

You may also get used to the trauma you have to confront daily. “In such a case you are desensitised; it doesn’t affect you as much as it used to.”

Even if you don’t have such good processing mechanisms, you may be able to remain calm during a traumatic situation, but will experience shock afterwards, like starting to shake, or your blood pressure may fall rapidly.

Jacobie says there are different signs indicating post-traumatic stress: You may get flashbacks or nightmares. “Bloody dreams may be a sign of unprocessed aggression. You may subconsciously attach value to people, and then get angry because they’re being killed in such gruesome ways day after day.”

You may appear “colder” than before, have a shorter fuse, experience outbursts, look for comfort in food, or suffer selective memory loss. Because you are subliminally anxious, you don’t remember things such as whether you’ve indeed locked the door or not. You may also be more aggressive than usual and get irritated more easily, especially if you deny that the traumatic events have had an effect on you. Due to anxiety and depression you may burst into tears more easily than usual, and cry for much longer than you normally do, for instance when watching a sad movie.

Book details

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Romanzalesersblog: ’n Gesellige kuierplek vir die lesers en skrywers

Ryk en roekeloosAmper 'n bruidBosveldroosWintersprokieEindelose liefdeOnwaarskynlike ridderMan na haar hart

Die Romanzalesersblog is ’n gemaklike kletskamer vir die skrywers en lesers van die Romanzareeks deur LAPA Uitgewers. (En LAPA gesels graag saam!)

Hierdie is elke LAPA-familielid se sitkamer. Hiér kan julle klets, lag of stry oor die karakters wat vir ons vriende, familie of vyande is. Die liefde en leed van die heldin tussen die Romanza-blaaie leef nog lank na enige van ons die boek toegemaak het. Ek self wonder soms of die skrywers nie dalk spy op my lewe nie – want in omtrent elke karakter sien ek ’n stukkie van my persoonlikheid of van die mense in my lewe.

En ek wonder: Sou ek so redelik soos moeder Tamara en pa Joshua wees? Of sou Deborah, as sy my kind was, haar drome vaarwel moes roep?

Hier kan jy graag vertel watter heldin jou soos ’n handskoen pas. Of soos wie sal jy graag wou wees? Is jy ’n Tessa of ’n Lanie? Wie is jou alterego? Of wat dink jy oor die nuwe nommertjies wat die Davel-reeks aangetrek het?

Want karakters is nie net vir ons karakters nie. Ons deel hul leed, liefde en lag. Ons beleef ’n tydperk van verandering en groei saam met hulle en in die proses groei ons ook. Hulle word mense, ons mense!

Kom gesels gerus saam. Volg die instruksies op die tuisblad om kommentaar te lewer.




Lees ook:


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LAPA is op soek na ’n voorblad-held: Nomineer jou Romanza Ridder en wen!

Romanza Ridder

Daar was ’n tyd toe mens ’n ridder so te sê agter elke bos kon uitskop. ’n Dame het skaars voor ’n plas water in die pad te staan gekom of ’n galante heer het reeds sy baadjie oor die poeletjie neergelê. Maar die tye het verander. Moderne dames het waterdigte skoene en ridders op wit perde is bloot net onprakties. Dit beteken egter nie dat die skoner geslag nie steeds na só ’n man hunker nie.

Dís waarom LAPA Uitgewers ’n soektog van stapel stuur om ’n ridder te vind. ’n Moderne ridder, bygesê. Hierdie Ridder het ’n hart van goud, ’n six-pack van staal, en kan enige vrou laat swymel met beide sy looks en sy persoonlikheid.

Die publiek word uitgenooi om mans wat aan hierdie beskrywing voldoen, as die Romanza Ridder te nomineer. (Mans kan hulself ook nomineer, natuurlik!) Daar is groot pryse op die spel, insluitend R15 000 vir die galante heer wat met die titel wegstap.

Nomineer jou ridder by

Ryk en roekeloosAmper 'n bruidBosveldroosWintersprokieEindelose liefdeOnwaarskynlike ridderMan na haar hart



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Eerste Afrikaans selfoonromans vir tieners gepubliseer

Yoza.MobiDie eerste Afrikaanse selfoonromans vir tieners word op 1 November op MXit, die gewilde sosiale netwerk vir selfone, gepubliseer danksy ’n samewerkingsooreenkoms tussen LAPA Uitgewers en die Shuttleworth-stigting.

LAPA Uitgewers het die Shuttleworth-stigting genader om Afrikaanse inhoud vir sy innoverende m4Lit (Mobiles for Literacy)-projek te help genereer. As die uitgewery wat tans die grootste verskeidenheid kinder- en jeugboeke in Afrikaans publiseer, is dit vir LAPA belangrik om aan die voorpunt van ontwikkeling te bly. Daarom dat Fanie Viljoen en Jaco Jacobs, twee bekroonde en gewilde jeugboekskrywers, se verhale vanaf 1 November gratis as selfoonromans (of m-novels) gelees sal kan word. Lesers kan ook op dié interaktiewe stories kommentaar lewer.

Die twee skrywers se stories sal deel vorm van ’n selfoonbiblioteek wat Yoza genoem word. Steve Vosloo, stigter van Yoza, sê: “In die afsienbare toekoms sal die selfoon, nié die Kindle of iPad nie, die e-leser van Afrika wees. Yoza wil dit gebruik om tieners in Afrika aan die lees en skryf te kry.”

’n Toetsfase van die Yoza-projek het in September 2009 afgeskop. Sedertdien is die eerste twee selfoonstories meer as 34 000 keer op MXit gelees.

  • Selfoongebruikers met WAP-toegang kan Yoza kry op MXit (gaan na Tradepost > Mxit Cares > mobiBooks) en by, asook op Facebook

Agtergrondinligting oor die skrywers

Fanie Viljoen is die skrywer van onder meer die gewilde Slym-boeke, asook die wetenskapfiksiereeks Nova. Hy het al die goue Sanlamprys vir jeuglektuur, die M.E.R.-prys en sewe ATKV-kinderboektoekennings ingepalm.

Jaco Jacobs is die skrywer van topverkoper-tienerboeke soos Suurlemoen!, Perfek en Virus. Sy skryfwerk is al bekroon met onder meer die Alba Bouwer-prys, die C.P. Hoogenhout-medalje en 11 ATKV-kinderboektoekennings.

Viljoen se treffende storie, Uit, handel oor ’n tienerseun wat worstel met sy seksualiteit. Jacobs se Vakansieromanse is ’n liefdesverhaal oor ’n boekverslaafde meisie wat die ou van haar drome by die see ontmoet.

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