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Sustainable gardening project launches in Atlantis with LAPA

Annie Peterson has a dream. She wants the people of Atlantis to be proud of the people Atlantis. There is so much talent; it is time to harness that talent. Her idea is to start small, sustainable projects and to let each grow organically around the existing skills in Atlantis.

Between 30 March and 1 April, 2016 the third of these projects will launch. The objective is to create sustainable gardens that will provide individuals and public institutions with food.

In conjunction with LAPA, the ATKV and the Orion Organisation, which specialises in ways to provide disabled people with work and therapy, three days of intensive training will take place. We will be training a small, selected group of individuals who will in turn train others. Reliance Compost has offered compost for the training.

Cooperation is important, because so many organisations go to Atlantis with good intentions, but without tapping into the existing knowledge residual in the community. In this case, Annie Peterson, a community leader and chairperson of the ATKV branch in Atlantis, has met with various stakeholders to ensure that the talents of Atlantis can be tapped.

The good news is that the Cape Town City Council, which overseas Atlantis as well, has already pledged to support this project. Therefore the training, which will take place from March 30 to April 1, is only the beginning of bigger things.

An invitation to the press

LAPA, the sponsor of this first phase of project, invites the press to join us in Atlantis. There is so much positive talent in Atlantis, and Atlantis is only 60km from Cape Town.

Please contact Izak de Vries if you want to drop in. A large part of the work will be done at the Orion Organisation (which is also a visit worth), but we will also be moving into the community to see what can be done with Rooikrans bushes and other invaders to the benefit of an own garden.

If you cannot make it, we can arrange interviews with the participants. Please contact Izak. He is a photographer and will be able to provide photos.

His contact details: 083 501 2170 or

LAPA’s involvement

As with the other projects in Atlantis, the existing talent will enriched by an expert who provides additional training (see “Other projects in Atlantis” below). In this case, one of LAPA’s authors, Wynand Boshoff, has offered his knowledge and experience to the residents of Atlantis.

Boshoff has a master’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture Practices. His passion is to explain to ordinary people that they can grow their own food on their own piece of land.

Boshoff’s book, Groente van tuin tot tafel (Vegetables from the garden to the table), will be published by LAPA in April, the ISBN is 9780799368444.

The book provides useful information on various aspects of vegetable production, including soil fertility, fertilisers, water requirements, crop rotation and planting partners, as well as natural pest control.

The rest of the book provides tips on creating a vegetable garden that will benefit one’s lifestyle.

The author will share his knowledge between March 30 and April 1 with the people of Atlantis. He will not merely be teaching, though, Wynand will join hands with the people of Atlantis who are already working on such projects. Annie Peterson hopes that this will inspire others to begin feeding their friends, families and members of the community.

Other projects in Atlantis

This gardening project is the third to kick off and more will take place shortly. Here are more examples of Annie’s hard work.

  • Music Talent is explored and developed together with the ATKV Crescendo team; their success is already measurable when looking at the stars from Atlantis, such as Auntie Francis Brown and Daphne Arends, who are currently dazzling audiences in professional productions around the country.
  • A Reading Project’s first seeds recently were planted with the help of ATKV and LAPA.
  • The training of the Orion Organisation’s kitchen staff will take place in conjunction with The Private Hotel School, the ATKV and LAPA.
  • A Crafts Project will be launching soon. LAPA has already donated several books to accommodate the process. Atlantis is no more a lost city. The residents are poor, but the winds of change are blowing through there for the better!
* * * * *

Groente van tuin tot tafel will be available from leading retailers and direct from LAPA Publishers. Contact LAPA on 012 401 0700 or visit our website:

The author and other participants in the project are available for interviews.


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