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What is Physiognomy? Marthie Mare Explains and Reads Kahn Morbee’s Face (Video)

Legkaart van jou gesig: Fisionomie in 'n neutedopYour Face PuzzleEarlier this year physiognomist Marthie Maré, author of Your Face Puzzle: Physiognomy Simplified (Legkaart van jou gesig: Fisionomie in ‘n neutedop in Afrikaans), spent some time with The Parlotones singer Kahn Morbee and Sunday Times reporter Leigh-Anne Hunter to demonstrate and discuss the science of reading people’s faces.

Explaining why physiognomy is a valuable tool both in the corporate and personal worlds, Maré says: “If you know why your colleague acts like this or that, then you know how to adjust your approach. Physiognomy is not about judging people. It’s about understanding people.”

Read the article to find out more about this science:

The Parlotones singer Kahn Morbee, having his face perused in a Joburg coffee shop, is sceptical. “I don’t know how much of this is esoteric, hippy stuff,” he says.

I’m waiting for Maré to whip out a pair of callipers. Instead she scans Morbee’s face like she’s reading the menu, rattling off observations.

His forehead is slanted: he’s a visual person. His heavy eyelids show his relationships must have substance. “I’m just giving you the highlights,” Maré tells him. “I’m bald. I don’t have highlights,” he says. Ah. That would be the sense of humour she saw in the creases around his nose.

Even his Tolstoyan eyebrows don’t escape notice. Bushy-browed people tend to make things more complicated than necessary, says Maré. Morbee chuckles. “She’s pretty good ‘ey?”

Sunday Times also shared a short clip of Maré reading Kahn’s face. Watch it to see his reaction:

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