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Presenting a Range of Scrumptious Recipes in Hendri Warricker’s Quick and Tasty Cookbook Series

From braai dishes to side dishes, tea time snacks and mouth-watering stews – LAPA presents Hendri Warricker’s Quick and Tasty series of cookbooks:

Quick and Tasty: Braai recipesQuick and Tasty: BreadQuick and Tasty: Chicken dishesQuick and Tasty: Chocolate recipesQuick and Tasty: Mince dishes
Quick and Tasty: Pasta dishesQuick and Tasty: SaladsQuick and Tasty: Side dishes
Quick and Tasty: Mouth-watering stewsQuick and tasty: Braai side dishesQuick and Tasty: Vegetarian dishesQuick and Tasty: Hearty SoupQuick and Tasty: Meat dishes


Looking for inspiration for family meals that are different from the ones you are preparing time and time again? Look no further… The new series Quick and Tasty, the translation of Lekker en Vinnig provide you with recipes for quick and tasty meals with ingredients already in the grocery cupboard or at least readily available at most food stores.

Discover new combinations that soon will become family favourites with the following cookbooks:

Quick and Tasty: Braai recipes, Quick and Tasty: Bread, Quick and Tasty: Chicken dishes, Quick and Tasty: Chocolate recipes, Quick and Tasty: Hearty Soup, Quick and Tasty: Meat dishes, Quick and Tasty: Mince dishes, Quick and Tasty: Pasta dishes, Quick and Tasty: Salads, Quick and Tasty: Side dishes, Quick and Tasty: Vegetarian dishes, Quick and Tasty: Mouth-watering stews and Quick and tasty: Braai side dishes.
Read more about some of these titles:

Quick and tasty: Lunchbox favourites

Quick and tasty: Lunchbox favouritesBe the hero of the lunch box brigade with homemade energy bars, yummie vetkoek, biltong muffins and cheesecake bars for the sweet tooth. This practical book will have the family looking forward to the daily adventures packed into their lunch boxes. “Tasty,” they’ll proclaim. “And quick,” you’ll sigh gratefully when, in a moment of peace, you open your own lunch box.

Quick and tasty: Food for later

Quick and tasty: Food for laterYou can make your own quick and tasty biltong! So too droëwors (traditional dried sausage), rusks, curried fish and baked beans. This is what we mean by food for later. In a jiffy you can prepare something today and then, in a few weeks, when you may have no time, you could have treats on hand for yourself, your family and unexpected friends. “Tasty,” everyone will say. “And quick,” you will be smiling to yourself.

Quick and tasty: Snacks

Quick and tasty: SnacksCaterers know how to lift an event with delicious snacks, but why not make own your own? This practical guide will help you bake sausage rolls, cheese savouries, mini chicken pies and other favourites for your next function. “Tasty!” the attendees should complement you. “And quick,” you’ll think while you set up your computer to knock them all out with your presentation.

Quick and tasty: Tea time favourites

Quick and tasty: Tea time favouritesSpending time with friends over a cup of tea is so civilised, but who wants to spend hours on eats that will be consumed in a jiffy? This guide will help you to entertain your guests on baked cheesecake squares, a lovely date and lemon bake, custard puffs and simple, yet tasty, petit fours. “Tasty,” your guests should compliment you. “And quick,” you would be able to answer.

Quick and tasty: Economical dishes

Quick and tasty: Economical dishesWe all have those weeks when the bank manager appears more dangerous than the criminals on TV. Here is advice for simple and inexpensive, yet delicious, dishes. With fish cakes made from tuna, a delicious, crustless veggie tart and a tasty chicken bobotie, you should be able to keep family and the bank manager happy without spending hours in the kitchen.

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